Mango Cutting Trick

With Halloween on its way, this trick is sure to be one that will get you a yummy treat.

Over the summer, someone said to me that they love fresh mangoes, but hate cutting them, because after peeling the skin, the fruit it so slippery that it makes it hard  to slice up (insert, afraid they're going to cut off a finger) and extract the fruit from the seed.  After posting the Acai Smoothie recipe that called for a mango, I thought I would also share a trick that I learned growing up in Hawaii.  The step-by-step picture tutorial will have you enjoying fresh mango quickly and safely. 

1) Hold the mango in your hands upright with the skinniest part between your fingers.  The seed is oriented in the same position in the fruit.

2) Line your knife up on one side of the fruit about a third of the way from the edge and slice straight down the side of the seed.

3) Repeat on the other side of the seed.

4) Take one of the sides of fruit that you've cut off and score a 1" crisscross pattern in the fruit, being careful not to slice all the way through the skin.

5) Slightly invert the mango so that the pieces are raised.

6) Take a spoon and run in between the skin and the fruit and place mango pieces in a bowl or directly in your mouth :)