Aloha!    From wailani (wai' lah'nee), meaning Heavenly Waters, comes our line of natural body scrubs, designed to refresh and renew the most tired muscles. 

Wailani's believes that living healthy- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually- creates happier individuals, families, and communities.  The Hawai'i-inspired all natural body products encourage self-care and stress relief within a greater vision of motivating others to live each day with greater happiness and health.

We all want to look and feel great. The media is filled with tips on balancing exercise with healthy eating, but now the secret is out on how to achieve healthy looking skin...EXFOLIATE! Regular exfoliation can reveal a refreshed and renewed you, with benefits that may include a better shave, increased circulation, unclogged pores, more even skin tone, and reduced appearance of wrinkles, cellulite, spider veins, and scars like stretch marks.

On the benefits of caffeine in our Kona Coffee and Mango Green Tea Scrubs:


The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine recently reviewed the consumption and topical benefits of caffeine.  Moderate consumption of caffeine gives your body antioxidants and reportedly aids in the prevention of Parkinson’s disease and gallstones as well as possibly inhibiting certain cancer development.  Topically, caffeine has been seen to reduce the dimpling due to cellulite and decrease skin cancer formation by stopping the photoaging of skin recently exposed to UVB rays.


"I've been battling under eye Millia for so long and it's such a sensitive skin area it's hard to get rid of it. But I started using your scrubs a week or so ago to exfoliate my face and am so happy to see those little white bumps shrinking! I saw a dermatologist before and they wouldn't do anything about it since you can't really pick at it or pop it. So I'm so happy for scrubs!!!" - Kristi K.

"I had the opportunity to purchase some of your mini 1oz scrubs on Friday at a craft fair. I've used the Kona Coffee scrub twice since then and it's AMAZING! I have keratosis pilaris on my arms which is just basically rough, bumpy skin and the scrub has smoothed it out like nothing ever has before! The scrubs are also so moisturizing that I didn't even have to use lotion when I got out of the shower! I will be purchasing more! It's awesome and it makes me feel so good that the ingredients are all natural! Thank you!" - Amy B.

"I just unpacked my Golden Pineapple scrub from Christmas & used it - my skin has never felt so good! Seriously, I'm prone to dry skin & these winter months are always torturous. I have never used a scrub that left my skin more moisturized than lotion - without the grease! And I love knowing it's all natural :)" - Liz H.

"I’m not one who takes a lot of time on my personal skin care routine, so I especially appreciated that I could use the scrubs in the shower and feel like not only was I cleaning and exfoliating, but my skin felt completely different for the rest of the day, even without applying lotion afterwards. Even when just washing my hands, using the Wailani’s Body Scrubs affords me the opportunity to have a mini-spa experience in the middle of my otherwise hectic day." - Click for more of this review from Sami Cone, Blogger and TV/Radio Host.

"The scrub smells so divine and leaves skin silky and smooth! I love the all natural Hawaiian ingredients!" Shiva Rose, Actress, Activist, and Beauty Blogger, The Local Rose

"The scents are inspired by Hawaii. If I close my eyes and breathe deeply, it's like a mini vacation in the shower...as long as my kids stay out of the bathroom." - Click for more of this review from Brandi Barnett.

"Rough patches of skin, be gone - I didn't even need to moisturize afterwards. Two days later, and my boyfriend is still commenting on how soft my skin feels." - Click to link to the full review from Grace Choi, Cooking Channel personality

"It is made up of all natural and organic products- you don’t have to worry about what is touching your skin." - Click for more of this review from Sandy of Frazee Photography