The simple answer to why I started Wailani's is that I desire to be healthier and happier.  For healthier skin, I believe using all-natural ingredients is the way to accomplish that goal...and I get the added benefit that my routine shower feels like a mini vacation. 

As a teenager, I turned to exfoliation to get a closer shave and reduce ingrown hairs.  As I aged, I sought solutions to problems like unclogging pores and reducing the appearance of cellulite, wrinkles, spider veins, sun spots and scars such as stretch marks.  Every single time, the answer to how to renew my skin was exfoliation! 

When I became a mother, pregnancy made my skin sensitive to some of the products I had used for years.  I started taking a closer look at the ingredients and found most products contained chemicals, dyes, and other preservatives I had never really noticed before but that my skin was now revolting against.  I was also tired of being disappointed by the texture, performance, and aroma of the products I purchased. 

I am proud to present all natural body scrubs inspired by the aromas of my childhood in Hawai'i and am excited about the ingredients, such as coconut oil, that have effective health properties for topical use as well as consumption...though I wouldn't recommend eating the scrubs.  The all organic and natural ingredients are safe enough to use on my children, yet strong enough to renew tired and aging skin. 

It is my belief that living healthy- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually- creates happier individuals, families, and communities.  The Hawai'i-inspired all natural body products encourage self-care and stress relief within a greater vision of motivating others to live each day with greater happiness and health.  Join Wailani's community for great tips related to health and wellness.

I invite you to steal a moment from the demands of a busy day and let the aromas of Wailani's tropical line of body scrubs take you away to a most beloved beach vacation...leaving your skin and mind renewed.

~Have fun and live healthy! 


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