Inside Out Burger

Excited to end these two months of recipe shares with a family favorite.  And even though it's not summer yet, I couldn't help but bust out a grilling favorite, the burger, by using my stove-top grill pan. 

I've actually been making these inside out burgers for over a decade, but this isn't something I make for a large crowd, so only close friends and family have tried them.  So as not to discourage you, I'm just going to include a few more pictures to illustrate the prep and you'll can see why it's something geared more toward a small gathering than feeding a college soccer team.


The inside out burger is nothing new...a burger stuffed with cheese.  Emeril debuted it on the Food Network Channel when I was first teaching myself to cook.  So it doesn't take a ton of skill, just extra attention to prep and making sure it gets cooked all the way through.  It's been redone by others to stuff the burger with favorite toppings, such as sauteed mushrooms and onions, but that may mean an even longer prep time.  Once you try it with cheese however, you can get creative with anything you like, such as bacon, jalapenos or spinach and feta, and really make this recipe your own.

The part that's different from Emeril is my secret ingredient that's added to the meat.  If you loved the Secret Ingredient Steak, then you'll love this recipe as well.  Remember that the seasoned alaea salt is a mix with over 10+ ingredients, so I buy it mixed instead of making it myself.  Using plain alaea salt will definitely not give you the flavor profile that the seasoned version will and since you're using it in both the steak and burger recipes, you'll get  a lot of great use out of it.


Inside Out Burger

Serves 6

~2 lbs ground beef

1 egg yolk

1 1/2 Tbsp Seasoned Alaea Salt

1 Tbsp Worcestershire

Your favorite cheese: I used blue cheese crumbles, provolone, and monterery and colby jack

1 Tbsp coconut oil for the grill

Buns and your favorite toppings and condiments

1) Combine the ground beef, egg yolk for binding, seasoned alaea salt, and Worcestershire in a  large bowl being careful not to overmix.

2) Spread the meat evenly at the bottom of the bowl and using a trick I learned from Rachael Ray, score the meat into 6 equal pie shaped pieces.  This helps to make sure that your burgers are evenly sized for consumption and cooking time.


3) Take each section and divide it in two in your hands and form patties for both, making them slightly thinner in the middle for a well for the cheese.  Stack the pair and set aside until you have 6 stacks of two patties each. 


4) Take one patty and fill with your favorite form of cheese, staying in the middle.  Take the other patty and place it on top and mold the edges to ensure a seal.  Fill all burgers.


5) Bring a grill plate to screaming hot temperature, placing a Tbsp of coconut oil or your favorite cooking oil to ensure the burgers don't stick.

6) Cook on each side for 6 minutes, placing a lid to partially cover the grill plate to help the meat cook through.


7) Serve on a bun with your favorite toppings and condiments.

~Have fun and live healthy