Aloha Grace Choi

One of my favorite things to do is cook healthy foods that my family loves to eat.  In teaching myself about the health properties of various foods, I quickly discovered that many superfoods with amazing consumption benefits had transformative topical benefits as well.  And thus was born an all natural body scrub company. 

Therefore, the very first blog for Wailani’s is going to go back to the source of Wailani’s inspiration, cooking, featuring Cooking Channel personality, Grace Choi.



Grace Choi is host of Cooking Channel’s short form program Cooking with Grace.  She is a PhD candidate and adjunct instructor in Food Studies at NYU, lover of cookbooks and kitchen tools, and self-proclaimed wannabe nerd.  Clearly she’s been recognized in her field for her expertise and definitely a talent to look for as an inspiration for your own culinary conquests.



It was an honor for Grace to bring her fine taste for food to a review of Wailani’s Golden Pineapple body scrub, which has a Coconut Oil base.

"As a cook, I know first-hand how important high quality ingredients are to both taste and the body.  When it comes to beauty products (an obsession only second to food), that same philosophy applies. I love using natural products like manuka honey and organic coconut oil for skin and hair, so I was really excited to try Wailani's Golden Pineapple body scrub. First, the aroma of juicy pineapple is nothing short of wonderful. I immediately felt transported to a tropical beach with ocean waves licking my feet and a slushy cocktail in-hand.  Second, the scrub feels so good on tired skin, and leaves your whole body feeling supple and nourished.  Rough patches of skin, be gone - I didn't even need to moisturize afterwards. Two days later, and my boyfriend is still commenting on how soft my skin feels.”

Grace’s words are so delicious it makes it seem like the scrub is edible.  I just know you’re going to love what she cooks up.  Be sure to tell your friends about this rising star in the food industry!

~Have fun and live healthy