Discover December - CrossFit is for EVERYONE

It seems that whether you've tried it or not, everyone knows about CrossFit.  I've got family, friends, and neighbors all checking in and getting fit at their local CrossFit. I think it's what people may not know that keeps them from joining in on this health movement.


Fortunately for me, my friend's family are the owners of our neighborhood gym, CrossFit Tahlequah.  What I think you won't be surprised by is just how passionate the owner and coaches are about fitness and health, with coach Samantha (SamE) Dotson even starting her own PaleoJo Meals service to address the nutritional side of health in the early stages of the gym.   Like me, SamE shares a love of coconut oil and recently expressed her Wailani's love: "I loved the scrub. It felt great to get out of the shower and not have to put lotion on because my skin was already moisturized and so soft.  It also smelt amazing. I loved it."

What would possibly surprise you is that CrossFit really is for everyone.  It is for people that have no experience in the gym, it is for others that are coming back from injury, it is for the new mother trying to get into a post-pregnancy workout routine, and it is for kids, with classes being taught by coaches that receive special certification for age appropriate programs.  Did I miss anyone?  And the best part is that the group of people at your local CrossFit are truly passionate and supportive about getting fit and having fun along the way.


Just in case I haven't sparked your interest enough to get you heading out to join your gym's next on-ramp and figure out what all those WOD terms really do mean, here's the story of the owner and, specifically for you ladies, his sister-in-law coach, SamE.  I think you'll definitely be inspired to check out CrossFit Tahlequah/Five Alarm Athletics if you're local or to find your local CrossFit in the New Year.


Barry Dotson:  Barry has been doing CrossFit full time since 2010, after a torn pec muscle left him unable to continue with his passion for powerlifting. Through CrossFit, he has found a new passion for training because of the constant variance and intensity of the workouts.  He became a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer in October 2011, the same month that he, along with Anthony Margarit and Josh Brinkley started Five Alarm Athletics. Some of Barry’s previous records from power lifting include: 4-time Oklahoma State Power-lifting titles, 1 Arkansas State title, 4-time World Cup champion, and 1 Regional Championship. At one time, he held four Oklahoma Deadlift records in four different divisions. Barry still holds two Oklahoma state Deadlift records, and one U.S. Deadlift record. Barry recently received his CrossFit Kids certification in April 2013!


Samantha Dotson: Samantha, or SamE,  found CrossFit through Barry, her brother-in-law. When Five Alarm first opened, Samantha had just been cleared by her OB/GYN to begin exercising after having her second child (and second c-section).  She wanted to get back to “pre-baby” weight, but didn’t like to going to a normal gym because she felt intimidated by all the men. She never dreamed she would find such a passion in CrossFit, and for anyone that knows her, knows how dramatic her physical transformation has been since starting in November 2011.

SamE's 1 year transformation.

SamE's 1 year transformation.

Never before has Samantha been so competitive, and began running 5Ks starting in the Spring of 2012. She reached a milestone in October of 2012, when she finished the Tulsa Run (15K) in 1 hour and 27 minutes! Samantha has received both her CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids Certifications.

Thank you CrossFit Tahlequah/Five Alarm Athletics for showing us what it really means to have fun and live healthy!