NSU Men’s Soccer Fall Fundraiser

The passion for all natural body scrubs came from the mission to live healthier and how fitting is it that the first fundraiser that Wailani’s supports is a sports team, the Northeastern State University Men’s Soccer Team.  These guys are all about living healthy to perform and not just for the viral sensation video highlighting their great ball skills.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re going to be amazed, and it was edited by Senior Midfielder Juan Gonzalez from Ecuador.

TeamPic (12) 4500.jpg

Let’s go into a little more information on why they’re a great team to support.  Since the 2012 campaign ended in a double overtime loss in the Elite Eight of the NCAA Division II tournament to a team that went to the finals, the team has been hungry.  Currently ranked #5 in the nation, their record is 5-0-3 with eight games left in the regular season.  But enough about stuff you could find on the internet, here’s some little known facts you might not know about members of the team.

The team has traveled up to a 13 hour bus ride to play conference and non-conference opponents.  Players have been known to bring egg crates on the bus to sleep on the floor and some have taken to bringing air freshener to keep the atmosphere a little ‘nicer.’  Their favorite movie to watch on the bus is Wedding Crasher, though one player is pulling for a vote for The Gladiator, phew those were clean choices, and their favorite warm-up song for pre-game rituals is Wake Me Up by Avicii.  Their usual pre-game meal is chicken and pasta with sauce on the side and water or a favorite $5 12” sandwich.


There are six international players on the team of 28.  One player studied for and became a US citizen last year and let me tell you, that test is hard.  One of the players, Roberto Soares from Brazil, can speak four languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Indonesian, just in case you need a translator in your future.

After his first fall season, Coach Rob Czlonka hosted a banquet for the players and was given an award by the team of most likely to quote movies.  Apparently this still rings true, at the helm of his third season as head coach of the RiverHawks.  Sports inspiring movies include The Miracle, Hoosiers, Coach Carter, and more recently MoneyBall.  Some of the players, especially the international ones, tell him he needs to update his movie analogies or maybe stop quoting movies.

It is not ironic that the team’s favorite saying  is, “Look Good, Play Good,” considering the proceeds from this fundraiser are going to help cover the costs of new uniforms next year.  Why do they need new uniforms, might you ask?  Well, it seems that the team is not afraid of a little contact.  Particularly, every time they travel to Missouri, there seems to be a major injury: Concussion and broken facial bones; broken wrist; and hospitalization due to heat exhaustion.


The following is their schedule for the remainder of the season.  Scrubs are available for purchase at home games and if you’re not able to come support them in person, you can contact Wailani’s to find out how to support the fundraiser from your location.  Why not stock up on Christmas presents or bring your Thanksgiving cook a unique gift, Pumpkin Pie Body Scrub, while supporting a group of great guys?!

10/11/2013         HOME                   Midwestern State University                        7 pm

10/17/2013         HOME                   Lindenwood University                               7 pm

10/19/2013         HOME                   Southwest Baptist University                      7 pm

10/21/2013         HOME                   Southern Nazarene University                    6:30 pm

10/24/2013         AWAY                   Fort Hays State University                          7 pm

10/26/2013         AWAY                   Southern Nazarene University                   1 pm

10/28/2013         AWAY                   Ouachita Baptist University                        4 pm

11/1/2013     HOME- SR GAME          Harding University                                     5pm

Go RiverHawks!